Sigga Ella, born in 1980 in Akureyri, Iceland, graduated from The School of Photography in Reykjavík and is currently living  in the capital. Her main interests are photographing people. She has taken part in two of Mary Ellen Mark´s workshops, first in 2012 as an intern and in 2014 when she received a grant from IFTA to attend the workshop as a student.

Sigga Ella has published 2 books and is a member of FÍSL, Icelandic union of contemporary photographers.


  • 2016 “First and foremost I am” Published by Portfolio. “First and foremost I am” features 21 portraits of people with Down syndrome as well as a personal text from each and everyone.
  • 2014 “Bloodgroup” Limited edition. Photos of the electronic band Bloodgroup which were taken over a two year period, from 2011 to 2013.

Selected publications and magazines

  • Iceland Review (IS)
  • Nýtt líf (IS)
  • Emotion (DE)
  • Gehirn & Geist (DE)
  • Wow air inflight magazine (IS)
  • British airways inflight magazine (UK)
  • Reykjavik Grapevine (IS)
  • The Huffington post
  • CNN
  • The Metro


  • 2015 – First and foremost I am. Poland. International Art Meetings in Elblag, Poland.
  • 2015 – Międzynarodowe Spotkania Artystyczne. Elbląg, 19-21 listopada
  • 2015 – First and foremost I am. Denmark. Aarhus Independent Pixels (AIP). Aarhus kunstakademi.
  • 2015 – First and foremost I am. Akureyri. Listasumar. Salur myndlistarfélagsins.
  • 2015 – First and foremost I am. Torshavn, Faroe Islands. Íspakkhúsið.
  • 2015 – First and foremost I am. Warsaw festival of Art photography. Galeria Obok.
  • 2015 – First and foremost I am. The Reykjavík museum of photography.
  • 2015 – FUR. Eggert feldskeri, Skólavörðustíg 38, Reykjavík Iceland, Winter light festival.
  • 2015 – First and foremost I am. Populus tremula, Akureyri Iceland.
  • 2015 – Bloodgroup. Populus tremula, Akureyri Iceland.
  • 2014 – First and foremost I am. Gym & tonic, Kex hostel, Reykjavík Culture Night.
  • 2014 – First and foremost I am. Sólheimar (Iceland) Cultural festival Iceland.
  • 2014 – First and foremost I am. Hafnafjordur (Iceland) Sportshall, in connection whith The International day of Downs syndrome.
  • 2014 – First and foremost I am. Graduation exhibition. Nesstofa, Reykjavík.
  • 2014 – Bloodgroup. Graduation exhibition. Nesstofa, Reykjavík.
  • 2013 – Baldvin. Arion Banki, götusýning. Reykjavík.
  • 2012 – Portraits of Icelandic collectors. Final exhibition in The School of Photography.

Contact Info
Email: siggaella |AT|
Phone: (+354) 822 1612

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